"Do not buy a box, buy a quality product"

About BOC

BOC arises from the need to demonstrate that there are products manufactured in Asia with high performance, quality and precision, with the best technology and raw material, to such a guarantee that durability and excellence results were obtained, achieving certification.

During the pandemic, endless imitations and counterfeit bearings of the different brands on the market appeared, which is why BOC «Don’t Buy Box, buy Quality Products» was born. Offering solutions and turning yesterday’s science fiction into today’s reality.

Our BOC Service Engineers engage in complex and challenging and sometimes unpredictable jobs to produce tremendous value for our Clients. We continue to expand our product portfolio to meet the needs and enable technological advances that occur daily. ‘’Safety and Efficiency of Tomorrow’s Industrial Workforce’’.

Our Brands are under ISO 9001 standards; that together with our work team go hand in hand with our Ally specialized in the manufacture of radial ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, rotary roller bearings and roller bearings. Likewise for other sectors…

Our Partner has technologically advanced machinery and fully automatic production lines that guarantee reliable and efficient production, capable of reaching the highest levels of profitability and precision with constant quality guaranteed over time.

The objective is to satisfy the requirements of our clients in the industry and it was created with the purpose of establishing a commercial bridge between the companies and thus being able to offer an increasingly optimal service in terms of response times, delivery of bearings and spare parts. parts. industries, always putting our customers as our priority

Raw material

The selection of raw materials is a fundamental phase for the realization of a high quality bearing. The development and selection of high-purity steels are decisive in obtaining more durable performance than those expected by the reference ISO standards.

All BOC bearings are made from 100 Cr6 steel, giving them high levels of:
Hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, mechanical resistance, compression resistance This type of steel combined with a heat treatment process is an excellent solution for any application. BOC gives priority to raw material.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a fundamental operation thanks to which the bearing acquires optimal characteristics of stability and hardness.

Our Ally in the BOC production centers have automatic heat treatment lines in a controlled atmosphere and state-of-the-art furnaces capable of giving the material a correct martensitic structure. Technologically advanced furnaces allow the supply of materials suitable for use in extreme conditions, while maintaining high-quality mechanical characteristics.